Binance Facial Verification Failed/Not Working See What to do

If you are trying to verify your Binance Account and you are getting this error code “binance facial verification Failed or binance facial verification not working” read below to see how to go about it and get your account verified in no much time.

Does binance facial verification always fail on your phone? Do you feel maybe your beard is the verification not to go through? Are you stock in “loading please wait” when trying to complete the facial verification? Well, if you encounter any of the problems mentioned below, you should be able to resolve them after going through this tutorial.

What is Binance?

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It has its trading app that you can download and trade all types of cryptocurrency including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and thousands on coins available.

Binance provides a crypto wallet for traders to receive, send and store their e-currency. The exchange also has supporting services for users to earn interest or transact using cryptocurrencies.

About Bitcoin Facial Verification

Recently, binance introduced account verification in compliance to KYC (Know your Customer) where all the users will have to verify their account with their government issued identity card or driver’s license.

After uploading your personal details and the front and back of your ID card, you will also need to do a facial verification capture where your face will be matched with the face on your ID card.

During the facial verification, you will be asked some questions which includes: Please rotate your phone vertically, please open your mouth, and blink your eyes and other questions they might ask.

All these are to make sure you are real and not robot. After doing all these, your verification should be successful. In some cases, you will receive an email with “Binance Facial Verification Failed”. This means, they are unable to verify the image on your Identity card with that of your current face.

Reasons Binance Facial Verification is not working

Here are some reasons binance facial verification is not working or always fail. We have also provided some useful hints to follow if you want the verification to go through.

  1. Using photo filter
  2. Too dark or too bright environment
  3. Quality of network connection
  4. Beard on face with no beard on ID

Solution to Binance Facial Verification Failed

If you are using phone to complete the facial verification and you are getting submission failed, here is what to do:

Make sure you are not using any photo filter while capturing your face, since they need a real and original image to match with that on your ID.

Do not use flash to snap your ID or capture your face; make sure you snap your ID in low light environment.

Also, if you have beard in your face but there is no beard when you did your identity card, it will be hard for them to detect that its really you. To that end, you will need to shave to pass the verification.

If you follow the above measures, you will solve the problem of binance verification failed permanently.

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