Is Cash Granted Real? See Review and Know if CashGranted is a Scam or Real

A quick review of to ascertain how legit cashgranted website is. Is it Real or a Scam bag?

Since we updated about Cash Granted and how to make money from them weekly, I have been receiving lots of comment and messages from people.

Many are asking me if it’s a scam or real. A guy called me and asked me how legit is this cashgranted website that everybody is talking about.

Anyway, there are some questions I can answer here and some that I cannot answer. Maybe this programme is still new and no one has received anything from them yet.

Our review is based on comparison with other platforms we have seen like nnu. As I was reading through comments, I saw one guy’s comment.

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And he said;

“Until you’ve tried it and received funds, you shouldn’t be recommending it. Because they tell you a story about how they make money doesn’t make them legit. The entire time I was on their website, there was no advert. So to say they are making money from showing me adverts is bullocks. What they are doing is deceitfully bringing people to their site. And as a site owner, I’m sure you know that Google pays website owners for the amount of traffic generated by their site.

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Most people who do reviews actually try it out for themselves so they can have a genuine experience of their own to provide a review from.

A simple Google search for info or review of cashgranted will tell you they are scammers. Only scammer websites hide their real location. shows that it is in the US but their real location is hidden. Further investigation shows they MAY be in Panama. Legit businesses are clear on their location.

So please be more aware of what you’re recommending if you want to be considered as a reliable source. But if you don’t care about being reliable, then carry on….”

But forgetting that we made it clear that we are not in any way related nor have anything to do with Cash Granted.

We further advised that it not harmful to give it a try since you are not paying anything for it. At the end of the week, then we will be able to know if they are real or Scam bags.

As at now, we can’t certify them a scam or real. Saying it’s a scam or real without reaching their payout day is baseless here.

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There is no harm in a trial, you are free to join if you want to give them a try and you are free to leave if you think they are not for real.

It’s only time that will tell if they are legit or they just want to pull traffic to their website. Although I have not seen any advert on their website, maybe they have plans.

How to join

If you want to join and request for Cash fund from the advert based free grant, you will have to visit their registration website.

Fill out a simple form and sign up immediately.

Have issues, contact them at

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