How to Check, Edit, Correct and Update BVN Online 2022

We decided to share this information to help those who have been asking us of how they can make changes to their BVN, update their BVN phone numbers, change date of birth or update bvn details online.

Since the introduction of Bank Verification number, many people have enrolled to get their own personal and unique number.

There was a threat that bank account without BVN for specific period will be frozen, hence the rush to enroll and secure individual account information.

As people are registering for BVN, lots of mistakes were made. Now, we have been receiving several call and Text (SMS) too asking us if it would be possible to affect changes to the already registered bank verification details.

If there are mistakes in your bank verification number, you can make changes to them either online or physically at the bank premises.

To edit your BVN details, you will need to do it using bvn portal of the bank you registered with. For example, if you enrolled with guarantee Trust Bank, you can check your bvn and update information using

Why you could decide to make corrections to your BVN

Correction/change of dates of birth on BVN

Change of name due to marriage

Corrections in name due to misspelling

Correct/change bvn mobile number linked to your account

Now, let’s see how possible it is to make changes to our unique

How to Check BVN Name?

Sure you can check the name that is linked to your bank verification number. If it is not correct, you can edit it after submitting some documents to proof the correction.

To check your name in your BVN, click here.

How to Change BVN Date of Birth?

If the date of birth on my bank account and that in your BVN isn’t correct, you can change it to your desired one.

Requirements: you will have to provide an Affidavit of your correct date of birth.

How to Change Phone Number Linked to BVN?

Sure, you can edit the phone number or change it entirely. Firstly, walk in to the bank where you enrolled for BVN.

Alternatively, read how to change/update your BVN details online.

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