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Dear Npower Tech Hardware and Software applicants, welcome to the official shortlisted candidates list.

Npower has proven that they have not forgotten you. Pre-selection list is now out on N-Power Tech portal.

You need to get your Login credentials ready to check your name.

Follow this guide if you wouldn’t want to encounter any problem along the line.

A new portal was created for N-Tech applicants. The portal is very mobile friendly and easy to use.

With your BVN, you can check your selection status within a twinkle of an eye. Simply log in to the N-Tech portal, enter your BVN and click on check Status.

Don’t rush it yet, there are many other things you need to know after checking your name.

Things to know about Npower Tech Shortlisted Candidates 2018.

The list will come in 3 places, the first list is the pre-selected list. As the name implies, those whose name appears in this list have been pre-selected and will continue to the next stage of the recruitment.

They have not been recruited but will have to undergo online assessment test.

After the assessment test, another list will be released. This is now the second list, it contains the list of those who passed the online assessment test, and they will now have to go for physical verification.

At the end of the physical verification, the final list will be released.

This is now the list of those that will be transitioned from applicants to volunteers.

How to Check Npower Tech Shortlisted Candidates List

It’s simple.

Follow the steps below very well to check the pre-selection status.

Remember, you can only check the pre-selection status on this page, to check the final selection list, visit

Now, let’s see how you can check the pre-selection status.


Enter your Bank verification Number

Click on check status.

Once you complete the three steeps above, your status will be displayed.

If it shows “You have NOT been pre selected” that means your name is not in the list. You can re-register for npower Recruitment 2018/2019.


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