Deployment of 300,000 Npower 2017 Volunteers Started

The long awaited news is here! Npower to deploy 300,000 beneficiaries to their primary place of assignment.

According to news published on our social media handle, candidates are expected to start checking their deployment status from next week (Monday 23rd July 2018).

Instructions to follow, how to check the deployment status and download the list have been published here for you!

But before then, we need to inform you that only those who have been on-boarded in the npvn portal that will be deployed.

We kept informing applicants here and in all our social media to login and on-board but many didn’t heed to the instruction.

The implication of not doing so is that you won’t be deployed and your monthly stipends will not be paid.

Visit to start the on-boarding process.

Now, let’s continue with the subject of discussion.

You need to print the npower posting/deployment letter – click here

How to Check Npower Deployment List of 2017 Applicants

Login to the npower volunteers network dashboard.

Click on deployment and follow the on-screen instructions carefully to check where you have been deployed to.

Forget your login credentials, recover it here.

Download n-power deployment List and check Status

To check your deployment status, you need to download the full list. We compiled the list in pdf, you need a pdf enabled device to read it.

Download Now

You will have to report to your PPA as soon as possible.

If you have any question or inquiry, don’t hesitate to relate it to us on facebook or twitter.

We are also happy to inform you that npower recruitment 2018 will be starting soon, endeavor to register if you didn’t make it in the last batch.


Dear 300,000 N-Power peeps, you get deployed next week!!

Look out for an important subsequent post on instructions to follow.

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