How to Download NPower Biometrics Software and Application

Download NPower Biometrics Software exe here for your computer: The NASIMS Biometric Enrollment Application can be downloaded from the portal. You need to keep reading to get all the information you need about the app, how to download and how to do the verification.

NASIMS Biometric software download portal will give you a direct link to download the npower enrollment app. Before you will be able to download the biometric client, you will need to have a computer since the app doesn’t work on phones.

Note that only shortlisted candidates for batch c will be able to do the biometric verification. Those shortlisted got email instructing them to logon to NASIMS NPower biometric client portal to download the software and do their fingerprint capture.

Things needed before NPower Biometric Enrollment App will work

Before you proceed to download the biometric verification software, you will need to install the following app:

Fingerprint reader Prerequisite for either 32 bit Installation or 64 bit Installation or General Installer

The following prerequisite is required for Biometric Client:

.NET Desktop Runtimes .NET Core Runtime 3.1 and for some systems, you need both the .NET Core SDK and .NET Core Runtime.

You should also have the biometric fingerprint capture hardware that will help to enroll your fingerprints online.

Once you have all the requirements listed above, you can now proceed to download Npower biometric software and application below.

How do I download NASIMS NPower Biometric App 2022?

You can download nasims biometric enrollment app by visiting the nasims biometric client portal and clicking on the install button under it.

You can download by visiting the portal here: or click on the direct link on

Can npower biometrics be done on phone?

No, npower biometrics verification cannot be done on phone; the application is programmed to work only on computer and not on the phone.

If you do not have a laptop, you can visit the nearest computer center to get enrolled.

What is the deadline for npower biometric verification?

We have received a lot of questions recently like “has npower biometrics ended”? Well, the biometric verification and enrollment for the npower recruitment batch c stream 2 is on.

If you got the enrollment message but yet to enroll your digital fingerprint capture, you will need to contact npower to resolve it.

Also, if you get an “an error occurred attempting to install nasims biometric registration” let us know and we will advise.

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