How to Download Vbank App by VFD Bank

On this page, you will learn how to download the vbank mobile app on your android iphone or iPhone device. With the Vbank App, you will have access to unlimited banking activities free, below are all the features you will enjoy with the V by VFD Bank Nigeria.

Beautiful Features of Vbank App:

– Open you salary, savings or current account

– Categorize and create smart budgets for your expenses

– Send money to 3rd parties for cash withdrawal at an ATM, or take it yourself

– Faster and easier bill payments, quicker airtime or top up 100+ billers

– Annotate your transactions before you share them

– Get your referral code and start your own bank

When you download and open an account using the Vbank Mobile banking application, you will enjoy digital banking revolution; you can expect a streamlined digital and mobile banking experience, with ease of access to your accounts, swift and secure transfers, withdrawals and bill payments.

With the V by VFD app, you gain control of your finances with its options for banking, saving, budgeting and monitoring expenses. Save as often as you want automatically and you will be paid up to the interest yearly. Plan, keep track and limit your spending on the app with our budget options.

Download the V Bank app and create an account in 2 minutes on your mobile device, from anywhere with zero paperwork to enjoy an all in one experience.


Create a stress-free and rewarding payment system when you set up corporate and employee accounts with VBank. Improve your business and increase employee benefits by taking advantage of the profitable investment plans and asset management services V provides.

How to Download Vbank Mobile App

iPhone users can download vbank from their App store while android users can download it from Google Play.

Once you have downloaded the VBANK APP, follow the onscreen instruction to sign up and start enjoying the features.

Click here to Download Vbank App

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