Fuel Subsidy Removal Palliative Online Registration

How to benefit from fuel subsidy removal palliative – Following the removal of fuel subsidy by President Tinubu, price of fuel rose to N617 per litre.

This affected a lot of Nigerians since we depend much on fuel for our day to day activities. To cushion the effect of the subsidy removal, the Nigerian Government introduced a subsidy removal palliative. They proposed a cash transfer of 8,000 naira to all Nigerians.

Following public outcry, president Tinubu announced a review of the proposed palliative. The National Executive Council (NEC) in a meeting reached a consensus to distribute the Fuel Subsidy Removal Palliative using State generated social register.

They nullified the formal presidents national social register and claimed it lacks integrity. So, different states where asked to generate their own social register which will be used to disburse the Fuel Subsidy Removal Palliative.

We have made a post on how to enter your state social register here. Follow it to learn how to get included in your state social register.

If you are looking to register for the fuel subsidy palliative payment, you have to pay attention to the following requirements, only those who meet the requirements will be considered into their state social register and will get paid.

NEC also agreed that the state government should distribute food items, grains and fertilizers at the same rate they acquired it from NEMA.

Fuel Subsidy Removal Palliative Online Registration

There is no online registration portal to apply or register for Fuel Subsidy Removal Palliative but you can click here to learn how to benefit from this programme.

Remember, you must be a Nigerian with a valid means of identification to benefit from the fuel subsidy removal palliative.

We will keep you updated with the latest news on Nigerian Palliative Payment, do check back on this page from time to time to keep updated.

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