How to Dance Shaku Shaku – Step by Step Guide and Video Tutorial

I will be teaching you how to dance Shaku Shaku. You will have to follow my step by step guide to learn and become perfect.

This tutorial comes with pictures and videos. In the end, I will release the video and you will be able to download it and watch on your phone.

As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, that’s why we have decided to give you this dance step to spice up your day.

Ok, many will be confused how this popular dance step come to be. Well, if you ask me, I will practically tell you that it originates from Olamide.

Olamide is a popular Nigerian singer. Every year, he comes up with a unique dance step which most of the other artists copy.

He introduced Shaku Shaku and it’s has gone viral in Nigeria and abroad.

With that been said, I think we should go straight to the tutorial.

Below will be our topic of discussion.

  1. How to dance Shaku Shaku step by step
  2. How to dance Shaku Shaku with pictures
  3. How to dance Shaku Shaku video download

After going through this tutorial, you will learn Shaku Shaku dance and also download the dance tutorial for reference purposes.

How to Dance Shaku Shaku with Pictures

To start learning the Shaku Shaku dance, relate with the images below. If you are not ok learning with the pictures, you can download the video tutorial.



How to dance Shaku Shaku Video tutorial – download here

A video tutorial is the best way to learn this dance step fast. After watching it, you will then try to dance along.

If it didn’t work out, try to keep your phone somewhere visible to you and follow the step accordingly.

Download Shaku Shaku Video tutorial here.

Happy learning.

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