Link to INEC Election Result Viewing Portal 2023

INEC Election Result Viewing Portal – Ahead of the 2023 Nigeria general election, the independent national electoral commission has released result viewing portal.

With the INEC Result Viewing Portal, you can see all the election result starting from presidential down to ward councilors. The result from each polling unit will be collect and transmitted live on the website as voting progresses.

Remember that in 2021, the Senate amended the clause to let the electoral umpire, INEC, determine the use of electronic voting and transfer of results.

INEC already uploaded the governorship election of EDO state, ONDO state, Anambra State, and Ekiti State on its Election viewing portal. They have also agreed to transmit the 2023 Nigeria general election electronically and manually.

With this development, you can watch the election result live on the INEC Result Viewing Website and know who is wining a particular position.

What is INEC Result Viewing Portal?

INEC is body that oversees the conduct of election in Nigeria. The INEC Result Portal is a website (link) introduced by the electoral body to transmit election results live.

The website is public, anyone can login and view the result on the go.

On the website, you need to create an account and login before you will be able to view election results.

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The portal is designed to show real time election results as they are uploaded. Create an account and you will be able to select the following election type on the portal and view results during elections:

Election Types that can be viewed on INEC Election Result Viewing Portal

  • Presidential election
  • Governorship election
  • Senatorial election
  • House of Representatives election
  • House of Assembly election
  • Chairmanship
  • Councilor

How to view INEC Election Result Real Time

To check Results on election day, follow the simple steps below;

Firstly, go to and create an account using your name, email address and phone number.

Proceed to activate your account and login with your email and password.

Once logged, select the election type to view results.

INEC Result Viewing Portal has come to stay, it will help reduce rigging in the coming election.

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