INEC Opens Portal for 2019 General Election Recruitment –

The Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) has released application form for election observers (Adhoc).

If you have been waiting for this opportunity, now is the time to apply and stand a chance of being an INEC Adhoc staff for 2019 general election in Nigeria.

INEC Recruitment Portal is currently open to all Nigerians who meet all the requirements. In the application form, there is a space to add Previous Electoral Observation Experience but we are yet to ascertain if that will be one of the major requirements.

The form will be downloaded online, filled and submit to INEC offices nationwide. To that end, you don’t have to visit INEC headquarters to submit your application for Inec Recruitment for 2019 general election.

We are now going to guide you on how to download inec application/registration form online and how to submit it free at inec office.

How to Login to Inec Recruitment Portal and Apply

Just like other recruitments, many people will be thinking that inec has an online portal where you will visit and apply online.

Unfortunately, there is nothing of such. Inec Recruitment form for 2019 general election will be downloaded online but you don’t have to login to download it.

Simply visit the application form page, download it and print it out.

How to Apply for Inec Recruitment for 2019 General Election –

There are three (3) steps to be taken while applying inec ad-hoc recruitment or election observer.

First is to download the application form.

Secondly, print the form out and fill it.

The third one is to submit your application at the physical inec office nearest to you.

To download the application form, visit

Download it and follow all the steps here to complete and submit your application form.

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