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Here is the latest news on Npower Lagos. If you are an N-Power volunteer, be calm and read all the things you need to know today to stay updated.

For the purpose of this update, our discussion is going to be limited to the following subtopics.

  1. Npower Office in Lagos (In case of any Physical Inquiry)
  2. Npower Physical Verification In Lagos
  3. N-Power Lagos Discussion Thread on Nairaland
  4. Lagos State Npower Whatsapp Group
  5. General Update about Npower In Lagos.

There are lots of updates we have in stock for you with regards to the Lagos state npower programme.

In 2017, The Lagos State Government has inducted 5,436 graduates as Teachers’ Corp, deployed to Lagos State as Volunteer teachers under the N-POWER Programme of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Although we are not certain about the permanency of the 2016 beneficiaries, the Lagos State Government has made it known that it is not obliged to absorb teachers posted to the state under the ongoing N-Power programme of the Federal Government.

But according to live chat with Mr. Afolabi, plans are still ongoing to know the stands of beneficiaries in the plan of FG to permanent npower.

Latest News on Npower Lagos State Recruitment

As we await final consideration for 2016 volunteers permanency, we have to inform you that all the 2017 selected applicants have been deployed.

If you are in the 2017 final selection list and you have not been deployed, do get it solved by through Volunteersupport npvn.

About Onboarding?

There will be no deployment for any npower Lagos beneficiary who fails to onboard him/herself at the npvn portal.

If you are yet to onboard, visit

Deployment Letter Printing?

All 2017 beneficiaries are to print their posting letter and submit it to their Place of primary assignment for stamping and signing.

Afterward, they will have to upload the stamped copy on their dashboard.

Click here to Print Posting Letter

Click Here to Upload Signed and Stamped Copy

Npower Offices in Lagos for Physical Inquiry

You can visit NOA office in your local government.

You can search for npower discussion group on facebook or join npower Lagos WhatsApp to stay updated.

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