Latest News on Npower Tax, Login, Training and Salary

We have some news that will interest all the Npower Tax/Vaid applicants. Since the online application, many that applied foe this category haven’t heard anything again.

We have good news for you! All the latest news on Npower Tax is contained here. Avail yourself the opportunity to go through them and get all the information you need.

Firstly, you need to understand what npower tax is all about. In the federal government National social investments programme (SNIP), Npower Tax/Vaid was introduced to N-power in 2017.

Read: Full PDF List of NPOWER TAX Shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018

Ultimately, N-Power Tax volunteers can aspire to a life-long career in finance or allied fields.

Selected applicants will be deployed to work as:

  1. Tax Assessor/ Collector.
  2. Financial Analyst
  3. Tax Auditor
  4. Legal and Compliance Manager
  5. Accountant

Note that the recruitment space is only for unemployed graduates and non-graduates. If you are a Nigerian without work, you can actually apply for Npower Tax/vaid.

Now, the age requirement indicates that only applicants within the ages of 18 to 35 years will be selected. If you are above this age range, don’t bother to apply as your application will be automatically disqualified.

Ok, if you want to apply, check here.

Latest News on Npower Tax

Currently, there has not been any news about this programme. It’s only those that applied for tech that are undoing screening currently.

That doesn’t mean we have forgotten you! There will be news at the right time; you only need to stay updated.

Bookmark this page and visit it daily to know when there is good news about the category you applied for.

For the main time, let’s take a look at the estimated salary of an Npower Tax Volunteer.

Npower Tax Salary

The estimated salary of an n-power Vaid/Tax is about 30,000 monthly. Aside from that, you will also get any npower device of your choice.

Monthly subscription with data cap, and monthly call time.

N-power Tax Training

After the final list, there will be training of shortlisted candidates. All the information you need about the training will be communicated to you.

Stay tuned.

How to login to Npower Tax Portal.

Npower Tax Login portal is active. You can apply or check for information there.

Login here.

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