How to Login and Choose Career on Npower Profile

How to Login and Choose Career on Npower Profile

This article will guide you on how to login to the npvn profile and choose career as directed by the Npower Team. If you haven’t gotten the message or don’t know how to do so, kindly read this article to be updated.

All the npower volunteers have been directed to login to their npower profile to choose career. 25th July 2019 is fixed to be the deadline for submission. You need to do everything possible to get yours done before the deadline.

A message was sent to all the n-power volunteers in July 2019; they were directed to go and choose career in their npvn profiles. A lot of people complained that they did not receive the message while others were told that they will not be able to choose career until they get a message from npower team.

According to the message, the deadline to choose career on npower portal is on 25th July 2019. If you are yet to do yours, kindly go through the instructions contained here and see what to do.

How to Choose Career on Npower Portal 2019

To start the process of choosing a career on the npvn npower profile, you need to follow the simple steps outlined below.

Firstly, you need to login to your dashboard by clicking at

Enter your email or phone numbers associated with your account then click on proceed, and then enter your password to log in.

Once you have been logged to your account, navigate to choose a career and follow the instructions there to complete the process.

Once you are done, logout of your profile.

I am Unable to Choose Career on NPVN Profile

If you are unable to choose career as directed by the npower team. You will need to contact Npower on Twitter, log on to twitter and search for npower Nigeria handle.

Click here to read more about choosing a career.

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