How to Join, Register and Login to Loom Money Nigeria

Here you are going to learn about LOOM, the popular Nigerian get rich quick scheme. If you want to know their website, join and make money, read on.

The Central Bank of Nigeria already warned that loom is a fraudulent activity and warned Nigerians to participate at their own risk.

Many Nigerians have given testimonies of how they were able to get 8x the amount they invested in Loom.

What is Loom?

Loom is a networking scheme where members invest a particular amount and get 8 times the money they invested.

They have their operation in Whatsapp when a member joins, he or she will be requested to pay into an account number. When payment is confirmed, your name will be added to the circle of those that will receive payment.

When your name gets to the middle of the circle, 8 people will pay you before your name will be removed from the middle and another person’s name will be added.

E.G: If you pay 5000, you will be added to the circle… When your name gets to the middle of the circle, 8 people will be merged to pay you 5000 each. In the end, you will receive 40,000 back.

Many people testified that Loom Money paid them while others advised against it saying it is a scam.

How to Join Loom Money Nigeria on Whatsapp – Loom Website

If you want to join Loom, you’re doing so at your own risk. Kindly search for a Loom Whatsapp group or ask your neighbors to add you to any paying group.


Don’t be greedy, start with a small amount and when you finally get paid, you may decide to stop or start again with a small amount.

Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

This is a referral scheme, as soon as people stop joining the group, the group will stop paying. Be wise and calculative.


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