5 Proven ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2018

Make Money Online in Nigeria 2018 – We do know that this topic is outside the scope of this blog but we have seen proven ways to make legit money in Nigeria. That’s we decided to share it with you.

I think you can do some things here as in your leisure time. You don’t necessarily have to put all your time in it though some pay higher when you take them as a permanent job.

This is npower blog and we give a tutorial on npower recruitment but we decided to share the 5 proven ways to make money online in Nigeria because we know that many Nigerian youths are unemployed.

A few weeks back, a friend of mine who I helped to establish a blog called me that he got paid, he was very happy and decided to take me out.

Because my car broke down, I decided that we use public transport. We entered Keke and was heading straight to ShopRite. He got me engaged in a discussion on how one guy I helped too gave up, as we are talking, I didn’t know that our driver was listening to our conversation.

When we dropped at ShopRite, the driver called me. He told me that he heard all that we discussed and he wants me to help him.

He made me understand that he is a graduate of IMT Enugu state but has no job. I had pity on him and decided to help the young man since he was computer literate.

I revealed to him some secret on how to make money online. He started and is enjoying today.

If he can, then you that is reading this post can. In the end, we all will make it online. (Smiles)

The problem with many Nigerian youths is that they only care about government jobs. Nobody wants to hustle and become a boss on his/her own.

But for few that listened, it shall be well with their soul.

Without wasting much time, let me proceed to give you just 5 ways (proven) to make money in Nigeria. Some of these jobs pay you in dollars while others in euro and pounds.

Depending on the type of online business you venture into, you can be making from 2000 to 5000 naira or more than daily.

You can start some of this online business with 1000 Nigerian naira. With a little investment of 1000, you can make money online in Nigeria.

Although, I’m not going to write on how to make money online with 1000 because most of them are fake.

You will have to understand that there are many ways you can make money online in Nigeria or abroad but I am going to show you the ones I have test proven.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2018 – See My 5 proven Ways below.

I will have to start them in their order of paying ability. Just take your time to go through them and gain cool information that will help you now or in the future.

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