How to Mark Attendance at Your PPA Using Npower Device

Here, I’m going to walk you through on taking your attendance with your Npower Device, I will also try to look into some Npower Attendance issues I have at hand so that others will use it effectively.

As an Npower Volunteer, you need to have an Npower Device. The federal government empowerment programme decided to distribute free devices to all beneficiaries. With your device, you can take your attendance, access learning materials and many more.

Your device will be used for attendance marking in your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

If you have not collected your device, then visit the Npower Device collection page to learn how to collect yours now.

While marking your attendance with your Npower Device, your Attendance History will be recorded. As the attendance history is shown to you daily to mark your attendance, it will be used to process your Npower Monthly Stipends.

If you did not make some percentage attendance in a month, your monthly stipend will be delayed or denied in toto.

What is Npower Attendance Register/History

The N-Power Attendance History is the new inbuilt mobile application install in all the Npower Volunteers device. It was designed to check how serious volunteers are with their work, how regular they visit their Place of Primary Assignment.

It works with a Global Positioning System (GPS) which automatically locates volunteer’s place of primary assignment and automatically mark your attendance every day within a time frame.

If a volunteer is not at his/her PPA, the GPS will not be able to automatically mark your attendance. This works best because all the PPA centers are on google map and the attendance register has been configured at that spot.

How to Mark Attendance With Your Npower Device

You can sign Npower attendance following the guide specified here.

If you encounter any problem along the line, do not fail to let the Npower Team know about it and all issues will be rectified.

To take your attendance history, you will need to enable GPS on your Device.

You will also be sure to enough data on your device. If you don’t know how to check data, please see below.

How to Check Data Balance on Npower Device

How to turn on your device GPS to Mark Attendance

Firstly, turn on your data connection and device location. GPS will be automatically turned on but it is not automated, follow steps below

  • Go to Device Setting
  • Then Tap Location
  • Turn on the location function
  • And Tap Agree

And you will be able to sign your name In the Npower Attendance Register.

Note, it is compulsory that you Mark your Npower attendance history if you want to receive your monthly stipends.

Important Information.

Unfortunately, attendance captured on Npower devices have not started, an update is coming your way regarding the attendance taking with your device.


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