Missed Npower Physical Verification? See what to do

Did you miss Npower Physical Verification ? If yes, then keep reading because we will give you a guide to follow.

Since the commencement of npower batch c stream 2 physical verification 2022, we have received so many questions from candidates. Some of them claim they missed the physical verification due to ill health, while some have one reason or the other.

Some are having issues of relocation, or problem accessing the venue and date on Nasims Portal.

If any of the above is your concern, then we have something you will be interested to hear.

About N-power Physical Verification 2022

After releasing the list of shortlisted candidates, n-power will ask those candidates to come for physical verification. This is to make sure all the credentials they submitted are genuine; it is after the physical verification before starting work or training.

Since the physical verification is compulsory, your journey will stop if you miss the physical verification exercise.

Some people couldn’t attend the batch c physical verification due to one reason or the other. There is still hope for you who missed out or have issue.

Missed NPower Physical Verification, What to do

If you missed Npower Physical Verification, you don’t need to contact npower customer care, all you have to do is to wait for next physical verification of another stream.

let’s say you belong to stream 1 and you missed the verification, you are allowed to join stream 2 during their own verification.

Kindly make use of USSD code *45665# or use the Npower NASIMS portal to get adequate information and announcements.

You are not disqualified if you did not do the physical verification but you will not receive stipend until you complete the physical verification.

Those who relocated must have to travel back to their state of registration to complete the physical verification.

Kindly contact npower on twitter if you have more questions or inquiry.

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