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Since NPower lauched the nasims portal, all applicants are required to update their information on the new portal by entering their verification email and resetting their password.

After resetting password and logging in into your profile, you will need to start the npower assessment test which is 20 questions to be answered in 20 minutes (one minute per question). After the assessment, the result will be collected and those that passed will be shortlisted. is the official NASIMS Test Portal for all NPower batch c applicants. You need to login with your email address and password to start the test.

If you have not reset your password, follow the instructions here to do so now before proceeding to the assessment portal.

How to Start NPower Assessment Test on NASIMS Test Portal |

To take the assessment on nasims online test portal, you need to have your nasims ID ready with your password. It is advisable to login and update your record first before you start the test.

To start the npower assessment test, click here:

Click on “Start Test” and it will open to a new page where you will have to enter your NASIMS ID and password. Please note that your nasims id is your email address which you used during the online application.

If the ID and password you submitted is correct, you will be taken to the test page where you will be able to answer 20 questions in 20 minutes.

What you need to know before starting NPower Test

First, you need to understand that you can only take the test once. To that end, you need to have everything in place before starting.

Your phone or laptop should be fully charged and you should be in a place where browsing network is fast. Because once you start the test and there is disruption in connection, you will not be able to take the test again.

Secondly, you need to know how many questions to expect and the duration of the assessment. They will allot 1 minute to each question, which is 20 minutes for all the questions. Once you start, you will not be able to purse, retake test or skip questions.

When you have considered all the above, kindly login to to enter your details and start the test immediately.

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