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  • Npower Recruitment News for November
  • News about Npower Posting List
  • Npower Deployment News
  • News about Npower Physical Verification
  • News about Npower Final List
  • News about Npower OTP Verification code
  • News about Npower Monthly Stipend

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News: Npower Promised to start 2018 recruitment by November 5th 2018 but due to some circumstances, they had to postpone the recruitment. There is no specific date given but according to a tweet on the official twitter handle, the recruitment will start in a few weeks.

To know more or apply for Npower Build 2019, go here

News Update: Npower is happy to introduce Impact series competition, N-Power Beneficiaries across Nigeria will get the opportunity to win some money.

To learn more about Npower Impact Series Competition and Participate, click here.

One of the latest News we have gathered is that N-Power is partnering with Start up Nigeria programme to award applicants two million five hundred thousand Naira (2500000).

You can learn more about the programme and how to apply here

Another Npower News 2018 is about the OTP Verification code.

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Solutions have been proffered to those having a problem with npower OTP Validation. You can now validate your OTP code successfully using the solution here.

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