Npower 2017 Applicant On-Boarding Process, how to on-board

Good day 2017 npower beneficiaries, we have some information to pass across about how to on-board yourself on the npvn portal.

Many of you have not done so, you are to note that it will cause problems for you if you did not do that. Here is a step by step guide on how to on-board.

What is onboarding to start with?

It simply means uploading all the required documents to the npower volunteers network dashboard. Once you have done that, you have been on-boarded.

On-boarded now means that you uploaded all the required documents as specified by npower. Once you have been on-boarded, you have passed all the required stages. You are now waiting for deployment.

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Statistics have it that among the 2017 selected applicants, about 18,000 – 20,000 are yet to on-board themselves on the npvn portal.

There is a repercussion for not on-boarding yourself.

Firstly, you will not be deployed when deployment starts. Secondly will not be able to receive your monthly stipends i.e. you will not be paid.

To avoid the above repercussion, you need to take action and fast because deployment of 2017 applicants is around the corner.

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If you are yet to do that, please do that NOW or when others are deployed and start earning, you won’t be paid.

How to onboard yourself in the NPVN Portal

Follow the simple steps below to get this task done.

Before you start, make sure you have a scanned copy of your passport, identity card, and other supporting documents.

Check List of documents to be uploaded here.

Once you have gotten all, visit

Login with your username (Phone number) and password you created during the verification process.

If you have forgotten your npower onboarding password, click here now.

Once you login to the portal, complete your profile and upload all the necessary documents.

Contact us if you have any problem about npvn npower gov onboarding.

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