Npower Launches Self Service Portal (SSP)

Npower Launches New Self Service Portal for Registration and Login – The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) have announced the launch of new self service portal for npower beneficiaries.

They confirmed in a tweet that the new self service portal is now updated and fully functional. All the npower beneficiaries can now access the npower self service portal and login to access their profile online.

On this page, i will be unveiling the new npower ssp and also tell you what all you can do on the new website created by NASIMS.

What is the new Npower Self Service Portal?

The new nasims self service portal is It houses both npower and other 3 programmes managed by nasims that includes NHGSFP, GEEP, and CCT.

when you visit the portal, select npower and click on continue, it will take yo directly to the instruction page.

One of the instructions is that all the npower batch c (Stream 11) members are required to update their profile on their dashboard. They are to login to the new ssp and update their profile with relevant information.

If you are yet to validate, follow this link for npower validation portal. Now, i am going to share with you what all you can do on the ssp, then proceed to show you how to login or start a registration on there.

What can be done on the new SSP?

On the new self-service portal, you can login using your email or application ID and your chosen password. After login, there are other things you can do yourself which includes;

  1. Biometric enrollment: Here you will be able to download and install the enrollment app and submit your thumbprint and capture your face.
  2. Update Profile: You can update your profile by yourself which includes changing of account and correcting any mistake you made while submitting your details in the past.
  3. Update payment information: npower have successfully uploaded payment information for batch c2 beneficiaries to the portal, those under this category are to view their details at their convenience.

How to Login to Npower Self-Service Portal

You can access the login page directly by visiting

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