Npower Permanent Employment – What You Need to Know

Npower Permanent employment, absorption, and permanent job update.

Here is the latest news on npower job permanency. If you are among the 2016 npower volunteers, you will need to read this information very well.

At the introduction of npower programme, the presidency promised to absorb/permanent npower volunteers. This means they will get permanent job after the 2 years of the programme.

We have been receiving calls and messages asking us about the plan to permanent npower volunteers. Now, we have something you will be interested in, latest news on npower permanency is about to be unveiled.

Here are some questions from volunteers

  1. Will federal government permanent npower volunteers?
  2. Is FG going to permanent Npower?
  3. After two years of npower programme, what next?
  4. Is npower offering a permanent job?
  5. What is the latest news on npower permanency?

This and many more are questions received from some npower volunteers.

Now, listen and hear what we have to say about the npower absorption.

Although it was promised that 2016 npower candidates will get a permanent job at the end of two years of paid training.

But as at now, we are not yet certain of what is going to happen. Owing to the Facebook live chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede, he talked about the npower exit plan.

He said that we would make some announcements around exit opportunities. As we await the announcement, let’s not forget to continue working hard in our PPA.

We do pray that the announcement will be good news to the 2016 npower volunteers. Nevertheless, we’re going to keep our fingers crossed.

He further said that this is a federation and in a federation we have the federal government, the state government and the local government, the 3 tiers of government. No one arm of government can force each other to do it, but there is a persuasive conversation that is going on, that’s one of our promises.

The conversation with the state government to know if they can absorb some of the npower volunteers and give them a permanent job.

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