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Npower Batch C Posting Letter 2022 is one of the criteria for all the 2022 Npower beneficiaries to get paid of their monthly stipend.

The list of successful candidates is already out. Shortlisted candidates need to download the posting letter, get it stamped and upload it back to nasims npower deployment portal.

There is a space on the n-power portal where you will upload your posting letter. Once you have downloaded the letter, proceed to your PPA to accept you and sign your letter. After been signed, come back and upload it on your nasims dashboard.

The payment of npower 2022 beneficiaries’ monthly stipend will commence soon after all the selected candidates have accepted the offer by downloading and uploading the npower posting letter for batch c stream 2.

We have compiled the npower salary structure for all batch c candidates; you can check them on here to see how much you will be paid as a beneficiary.

Please, note that only those who submitted the signed and stamped posting letter will be paid. To avoid a backlog in the payment, you are to take action now.

How to Download Npower Batch C Posting Letter 2022

Many do not know how to download their posting letter or having problem downloading it. If you are in this category, follow the step below to download and print your letter.

Click Here to Print Npower Posting Letter

After downloading and printing the posting letter, take it to your place of primary assignment and have it stamped.


We have been receiving complaints from beneficiaries telling us that they were charged to get their posting letter or ID card.

Note that you are not required to make any payment for ID card or to collect your letter.

Report anybody that asked you to pay to the appropriate authority or on npower twitter handle.

 How to Upload Npower Posting Letter 2022

After your deployment letter has been signed and stamped by the contact person, login to the deployment portal and upload a copy of the letter to complete the process. See steps below to guide you.

  • Go to
  • Enter your application ID and password to login
  • Click on deployment and you will see upload confirmation
  • Attach the signed copy of the deployment letter and upload.

After uploading your posting or acceptance letter, you are done. You will be communicated when to resume work and expect your salary as you work.

You can now apply for your Npower Device.

Do not forget that attendance to your PPA is compulsory. Always mark your attendance any day you went to work.

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