NPower Registration/Application Problem Solved, Check in here

Having Problems with npower application/registrations? Read now to see how you can apply without hassle and submit your application successfully.

The NPower officials on their twitter admitted that they have been notified of problems associated with npower registration, login and submitting the application entirely. They promised that they are going to do everything within their reach to ensure steady and smooth running of the application process.

Dear applicants, we understand some of you have had issues completing your registration.

We are resolving the issues with bulk mail service providers as well as assisting to optimise the bvn validation endpoints

These issues will be resolved shortly and everyone can and will register successfully.

Please remember we are with you, we are listening and collating issues that are of distress to you. All will be resolved.

Common Issues/Problems encountered by Npower Applicants and how to solve them

Problem with Uploading Documents: Some applicants are finding it difficult uploading some required documents, this might be due to large size of the file, you need to make sure that your documents size are not more than 5MB before upload. If they do, make sure you resize the document to meet the upload requirement.

Problem Receiving Confirmatory Email: Some registered but didn’t receive the confirmatory email that was sent to you. You were advised to use a valid email address, if you are sure that the email you submitted is valid, check the spam folder of your mailbox. If nothing is in the spam folder, be patient as all emails will be delivered.

BVN Issues: Many are scared of uploading their BVN on the npower portal, please note that your bvn is safe with them, it will only be used for the recruitment purposes.

What is the real application portal? A lot of people are still trying to apply using the old npower portal at which is not the authentic portal for 2020. We are here to inform you that the new and authentic NPower Registration Portal 2020 is do not apply using any other link aside from the one given.

NPower Application Closing Date: Due to issues encountered by many, some applicants have been asking us when the portal will close. We are here to inform you that there is no closing date for 2020 npower recruitment yet, keep an eye on this page to get latest updates as they unfold.

Common Mistakes to Avoid during Npower Registration/Application

Only use your personal email address, do not use your friends, brother or that of the cyber cafe operator. If you do not have an active email address, you can create one real quick with your phone, its simple and easy to sign up to gmail or yahoo mail.

Make sure that the information contained on your BVN corresponds to the information you supplied on the npower portal.

Before you start the application process, make sure that all the necessary credential needed for the registration is available at your disposal. If there is any need for you to resize document for upload do it on time before registration (document such as passport, ID card and others)

Do not submit multiple registrations as it will lead to automatic disqualification. Be on the safer side by submitting only one application.

Finally, we need to inform you that Npower have received 1 million applications within 48 hours. You can see that a lot of people are applying and the number of people to recruit is limited, you need to do everything possible to be on the list of people that will be shortlisted.

Take time and read all the requirements, terms and conditions before applying.

When ready, click to start the application process.

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