NPower Revalidation on Nasims Portal 2024

Npower Revalidation 2024 – Some beneficiaries of the Npower programme have been reaching out to us asking us how they can revalidate their Npower. Others are asking why the validation process is not working for them. I have got the best answers to all the questions here and you will get to know more.

Revalidation became necessary after the management sent out notifications to all the Npower Batch C2 informing them that there was a problem validating the information they provided on the NASIMS profile. The issue in the validation of information submitted they said could be due to an error in data entry or maybe your bank account is inactive.

They proceeded to provide a link for those affected to revalidate their profile so they could get paid. Those who are having issues with their monthly stipend should try to revalidate their account first.

I will provide the Npower Revalidation Portal here for those who might need it. You will need your Npower ID, Bank Verification Number (BVN), and National Identity Number (NIN) before you will be able to revalidate. At the end of the revalidation, you will be required to provide your bank account details.

Make sure the your bvn matches the bank account you provided, your payment will be sent to the account you provided on the portal during validation/revalidation.

Npower Revalidation Process on

How do i revalidate my npower? If you want to revalidate your npower profile, visit

Enter your N-Power ID  and click on next, provide your bank verification number, national identification number and finally, enter your bank account number in the space provided.

When you are done with the revalidation process, submit.

After the nasims revalidation, you do not have to do anything else. Kindly relax and await your payment to drop in your account. Thos who do not have validation problem are encouraged not to revalidate.


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