Latest News on Npower Stipend Payment 2023 for all batches

Npower stipend payment 2023 – Here is the latest on Npower monthly stipend payment and Npower batch c payment update.

Many people have reached out to us and asked us why their Npower stipend has not been paid yet. We will answer all the questions here and also show you how to revalidate your account.

If you want the latest Npower Stipend news today, you have to keep reading this article to discover what is new and find out why you have not been paid yet.

A lot of people who have not been paid by the Npower Programme are searching to see if there is news on the payment of their salary. Today, we are going to let you know your stand on the remaining payment for Npower Volunteers.

If you are yet to receive your October, November, and December 2022, maybe there is a problem somewhere. You will need to get everything verified so that your backlog will be paid.

Npower has started payment of backlogs for batch C beneficiaries. The payment will come from the ‘NASIMS suspense account‘ with the description of the month being paid.

Recall that recently, they changed the portal and introduced nasims self-service portal. Some beneficiary’s status was changed to applicants and were asked to revalidate their profile.

Payment of the npower stipend for batch c beneficiaries has commenced in earnest. Those who owned some backlog will receive their payment after revalidating on the new self-service portal.

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We are trying to perfect all the payment of the monthly stipend. If you have a backlog, check the backlog payment to get it resolved as soon as possible.

When will the Npower Stipend be paid?

The Npower October, November, and December stipend for batch c beneficiaries are been paid to those who have done the revalidation on the new nasims portal. If you have not done yours, kindly follow the instructions here to complete the process.

Npower Stipend News for September 2023

First, you need to login to Npower self-service portal and update your profile, if you have not revalidated, head over to the revalidation portal at

Enter your Npower ID, NIN, BVN, and Bank Account number to revalidate. Once all that information is captured, relax and wait for your monthly salary to hit your account.

You can view your account statement from time to time to check if your Npower monthly stipend has dropped into your account.

You can also ask your fellow Npower beneficiaries in your Place of Primary Assignment if they have received their own salary.

Tips to Stay Protected on the Web.

We understand that there might be an attempt to compromise your Npower account and change your bank account details.

To that end, we advise that you take the following online protection tips seriously.

Do not give out your personal details (Email, Phone Number, and Password) associated with your Npower account to anybody else.

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