Latest News on Npower Stipend & Salary Payment 2019

Npower Stipend News for June 2019 is here. If you want the latest npower news update today on “salary” then you have to keep reading this article to discover what is new.

A lot of people that have not been paid on the Npower Programme are searching to see if there is new news on the payment of their salary. Today, we are going to let you know your stand on the remaining payment for Npower Volunteers.

If you are yet to receive your June/July stipend, maybe there is a problem somewhere. You will need to get everything verified so that your backlog will be paid.

On the 2nd day of every month, all the npower beneficiaries do receive their monthly salary (Stipends). Continue reading to see why your salary has not been paid to you and possible solutions.

Payment of Salary to all the 2016 volunteers will soon commence. As a 2016 volunteer, you are also advised to hang on for a little while.

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We are trying to perfect all the payment of the monthly stipend. If you have backlog payment issue, check backlog payment to get it resolved as soon as possible.

When will Npower Stipend for June be paid?

The Npower June/July stipend 2019 will be paid to all the eligible volunteers. If your account is already completed, you don’t have to do anything else.

Just stay cool and wait on the npower team to finish up their work. Just be expecting alert into your npower registered bank account.

We understand that you are expectant, do not give up.

Npower Stipend News for June 2019 Payment

You can view your account statement from time to time to check if your npower monthly stipend has dropped into your account.

You can as well ask your fellow npower beneficiary in your Place of Primary Assignment if they have received their own salary.

If you are yet to receive npower alert, keep calm and wait more patiently. A lot of work is going on to your own good.

Tips to Stay Protected on the Web.

We understand that there might be an attempt to compromise your npower account and change your bank account details.

To that end, we advise that you take the following online protection tips serious.

Do not give out your personal details (Email, Phone Number, and Password) associated with your npower account to anybody else.

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