Npower Teach Login: View List of Shortlisted Candidates

Npower Teach recruitment portal and how to login and check the list of shortlisted candidates 2018 is contained here. is the official npower teach portal where you can get latest news on the teachers corps scheme of the federal government social investment programme.

There are two types of list that will be released for teach applicants. The first is the pre-selection list, those whose name appears in the pre-selection list will have to undergo physical verification.

After the physical verification, the final selection list will be released. Those whose name appears in the final selection list will be transitioned from applicants to volunteers.

If you did apply for 2017/2018 npower Nigeria recruitment (teachers corps), then you will need to check the list here and know your stand.

If your name is not in the list, don’t worry because all hopes are not lost yet. You can apply for npower teach recruitment 2018/2019.

To apply, visit

The registration form is now available. You can download it and submit at your convenience, but the earlier the better.

Ok, with all that been said, let’s get back to the topic of discussion.

How to Check Npower Teach Shortlisted Candidates

Here contains how to check the pre-selection list only. If you would like to check the final selection list, click here.

The npower teach pre-selection list is now available on the portal. You will have to login to check it, be sure to have all it takes before proceeding to the portal.


How to Login to Npower Teach Portal

When you login to n-teach portal, you would be able to do the following:

  • Check shortlisted candidates name
  • Update your Profile
  • Correct BVN Information
  • Check Deployment and posting letter

There are lots more to be done when logged to npvn teachers corps portal.

To login, visit

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