Npower Tech Deployment List 2017/2019 – See How to Check your Name and Updates

Here is how to check npower deployment list for Tech. earlier before now, we announced the list of shortlisted candidates for N-Tech and their Physical verification Update.

If you were shortlisted and done your physical verification, deployment is coming your way soonest.

Npower Tech is releasing its deployment list for N-power Tech Hardware this week.

With the Npower Tech beneficiaries, we are training excellent service technicians who can repair mobile phones, tablet and maintain computers.

The Deployment List for Npower Tech Beneficiaries will soon be shared.

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You will have to login to the npower official recruitment portal to print out your npower tech deployment letter.

This guide is only for those under the Hardware category. If you are under Software, check the latest update on N-tech software here.

Who will be Deployed Under Npower Tech?

As said earlier, only those who were shortlisted and went for the physical verification that will receive their posting letter.

Once they receive the posting letter, they will have to upload it to their npower profile to complete the recruitment process.

After uploading the posting/deployment letter, your profile will have the ONBORADED ICON which means that your profile is been validated.

Once the validation is over, you will see ENROLLED ICON which means that you have scaled validation and you have been processed for payroll.

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Before onboarding, you must have printed the signed and stamped copy of the posting letter. That is what you are going to upload to the portal.

Click here to download and Print Npower Posting Letter.

How to Check Npower Tech Deployment List 2018/2019

The Npower Tech Posting/deployment list is accessible online. You have to visit and login to your dashboard.

Select deployment list and you will know if you have been deployed or not.

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