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Dear Npower Beneficiary,

Today, we will be talking about your Npower Username and Password. Without these two things, you cannot access your npower dashboard.

And without accessing your dashboard, you may not be able to update your profile, login to your account, use device selection option and many more.

Maybe you have been having issues with your Npower Username and Password? Don’t worry, we are here for you!

On this page, we are going to answer some questions like

  1. How to Recover Npower Forgotten Password
  2. How to Update Npower Profile
  3. How to Recover forgotten Npower Username
  4. How to Reset your Npower Password

At the end, we will show you the best way to login to the portal. If you are having any issue, relax and go through this guide.

If at the end, we couldn’t solve your problem here, don’t forget to contact us. All your issues will be attended to.

Before now, we have been receiving lots of messages asking us to help them with their N-Power Username and Password.

We don’t know why some of you will be careless with important information as your login credentials.

Nevertheless, we will try to look into it and give you the best solution that will interest you.

Forgotten Npower Username and Password, What to do

If you lost yours, don’t panic. All hopes are not lost yet.

Your database is still intact with Npower Nigeria.

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But do you actually know what your username and password ought to be?

Many don’t know that their username and password is simply their email or phone number.

There is no how you could forget them in a hurry. If actually you have forgotten your username, contact us and get them recovered.

We are going to concentrate more on passwords.

How to Recover Npower Forgotten Password or Reset them

You can actually reset your password on your own. Before you could do that, you need to have your email address or phone number.

The ones you used for Npower Nigeria registration.


Enter your email or phone number, click on submit.

A new password will be sent to you immediately.

How to Update Npower Profile

Once you have recovered your username and password, you need to update your profile.

To update npower profile, login is required.

We have made a detailed guide on how to login to npower website.

It will be of your best interest to go through them and learn how to update your profile and upload your passport and ID Card.


The following questions has been answered here.

  • Forgot my npower username
  • My npower account login
  • Npower Profile Update
  •  Npower Password reset
  • Npower forgotten password

What else are you looking for?

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