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Recently, we updated a guide on how to onboard. We have touched a lot of things with regards to npower Profile and updating them.

Today, you’re you going to see how to access npower profile page. When you access the page, there are various activities that you can carry out there.

We wouldn’t want to talk much as we believe that you already know what to do when you access your profile.

Let’s get straight to the point and show you how to access your profile

Npower Profile Login and How to Update Account profile is the official link to login to your profile.

You must have your phone number or email and password ready to gain access.

Visit profile

It will automatically redirect you to

Input your login credentials and you will gain access to your npower profile.

You can now carry out any activity you wish.

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Pre-Selection List

Login to the Portal

Recruitment Registration Page

Shortlisted Candidates

Physical Verification List

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