NYIF Training Portal 2020, Login and Participate in E-learning

NYIF Training Portal is an online e-learning website launched by the federal ministry of youth and sports to train the applicants of Nigeria Youth Investment Funds (NYIF). All those concerned will have to follow the portal instructions on this page to login and participate.

The federal Ministry of Youth and Sports (FMYSD) have started sending invitation for online training to all those who is eligible. The message will contain the NYIF Training portal link, click on it to join the group/online training class.

The Training is said to take place in online groups. It will be a 5 days training session where all those selected will be trained in any business of choice, the invitation message contains date, time and link to join the training.

On this page, I will show you how to check the invitation message for training, how to register and login to participate in the programme.

Apply Now: Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Application Portal

All you have to do is to read carefully and understand what you are supposed to do before proceeding to login and start the training when it commences. Should you have any question, we will be here to help.

How to Check NYIF Training Invitation Letter

All applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund are requested to check their email to know if they have been invited for the training.

If you received the training invitation letter in your email, you will have to proceed by clicking the link on the email to join the nyif training portal.

Those who did not receive the invitation message should be sure to check their spam folder or keep checking their email every day.

NYIF Training Portal |How to Login and Join NYIF ELearning Platform

Those who received the invitation letter via email should follow the link on the message to join the private learning group.

Alternatively, go to https://fmysdenterprisetraining.ng/elearning and select the class you wish to join.

Remember, this is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and request group membership.

If you haven’t applied, click here to apply for nyif loan.

Finally, NYIF Training Portal is currently active, follow all the instructions on this page to login and participate in the e-learning platform.

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