Npower Introduces #ReachBackPullUp Campaign for all 2016 Volunteers

Dear 2016 npower volunteer, something new is coming your way this week.

We are happy to introduce the npower #ReachBackPullUp campaign where you have the power to mentor people in your community.

Having been an npower beneficiary for 2 years now, we believe you have learnt something that you would like to share.

To that end, we are introducing the Reach Back Pull Up Programme.

How do you participate in this campaign?

It is simple, think out something you will mentor your people in your community. Your idea must be unique.

Then head over to npower twitter handle and comment your idea, what you intend to mentor and how you plan to do that.

Do not forget to add the hash tag; #ReachBackPullUp.

From what we have seen in your individual place of primary assignment shows that you are capable of mentoring your community people.

You have provided outstanding service in your various area, those in teach, health, agro and non-graduate categories.

To that end, we implore you to come and participate in the #ReachBackPullIp Campaign. It’s a way of reaching back to the people, you have learnt free, got paid and now, you have to give back to the people.

As earlier stated, just thing of a thing you can teach very well. Many people are already opting to mentor their community on different ideas.

We are still waiting for your own idea. And together, we can make this work.

How to Participate in the #ReachBackPullIp Campaign

Ok, we have said this before but we are going to say it again here.

Think of anything you are good at, go to and drop a comment with your idea.

We will get back to you with our decision later on.

Don’t forget to use the official campaign hash tag: #ReachBackPullUp.

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