Npower Salary Structure 2022 for Batch C (Updated)

Npower Salary Structure 2022 – A detailed and most updated salary structure and stipend payment for batch c npower volunteers.

When creating npower, the federal government promised monthly stipends. This monthly stipends will be paid to all the beneficiaries in different categories.

Today, we will be discussing about the current N-power salary structure for both graduates and non-graduate. Those with O’Level and those with university degree or HND and OND.

Remember that there are many categories under the FG social investment programme. In the graduate category, we have npower teach, health, Agro, Tech and Tax/Vaid.

Under the non-graduate category, we have npower build, software and hardware.

This page was created to give a detailed salary scale for these categories. Although there is no ranking in the npower volunteers network, but keep reading to find out.

We have received a lot of questions like “how much is npower salary for o’level and how much is npower salary for batch c”.  Maybe because all the deployed volunteers want to know how much they will be paid at the end of the month or those who want to apply want to know the npower salary structure.

To get paid, you are warned to take your job seriously, sign your attendance every day using your mobile device and make sure your profile is updated.

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Below is the detailed monthly salary structure for npower batch c members in various categories of the npower programmes.

NPower Salary Structure 2022 for Batch C.


NPower Category


      Monthly Salary Structure




NPower Teach


Volunteers under teach will receive a monthly stipend of N30, 000 monthly. They will get paid every month for the duration of the programme.


2 years

NPower Health Those who applied for health will be deployed to hospitals, community clinic, and health centers. They will also be placed on a monthly salary of N30, 000. 2 years
NPower Agro Those under npower Agro will be placed on a monthly salary of N30, 000 monthly.


2 years
NPower Tech 20,000 – 30,000 1-2 years
Npower Tax/Vaid 20,000 – 30,000 1-2 years
Npower Build 20,000 – 30,000 1-2 years
Npower Creative N20,000 – N30,000 1-2 years

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Conclusion: The salary structure of the entire npower programme is the same.

All the npower volunteers will be paid 30,000 monthly. The only difference is that those in the graduate category will be paid for 2 years while those under non-graduate category will be paid for less than 2 years.

Now that you have known various npower salary scales 2022, it’s time to check the payment procedures as to get paid.

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