How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria | BVN and NIN

How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria with either BVN or NIN slip (National Identification number).

Does Binance accept nin slip for verification and how to verify binance account with BVN are some questions we do receive from users who are trying to complete their Binance identity verification.

Since the introduction of account verification, many people have tried verifying their account with nin slip and get the “binance facial verification failed” message.

This can be disheartening since you cannot trade on your account without verification. Some people only have NIN slip which seems not to be accepted for verification while some are looking to know how to verify binance account in Nigeria with BVN.

Here, I will provide answers to the most asked questions on binance verification in Nigeria and beyond. If you have not been able to verify your account because of one reason or the other, worry no more because I am here to help.

How to Verify Binance Account with BVN

Unfortunately, Binance no longer support account verification with BVN. Previously you can be able to verify your account with your Bank Verification Number; I personally verified my account with it.

They scraped the BVN verification immediately CBN said trading cryptocurrency is no more legal in Nigeria.

To that end, you cannot be able to verify your binance account with BVN anymore, keep reading to see how to verify binance account in Nigeria.

Can I Verify my Binance Account with NIN Slip?

Binance ID requirement for verification in Nigeria is to use a card for verification. They did not support NIN previously since it’s a slip and not card.

These left accounts of thousands of Nigerians unverified since most Nigerians only have NIN Slip as a means of identification.

Previously, you can only verify binance account in Nigeria with drivers licence, voters card and international passport.

Currently, you can verify binance account with nin slip. This is to allow many Nigerians with only nin slip to have their account verified and enjoy full features of binance account.

So, can i verify my binance account with nin slip? Yes!

How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria!

To complete binance identity verification, you must have an account with them before you will start the identity verification process. If you do not have an account yet, follow the create binance account here to make a new account.

Login to your account and click on user center/identification. Click on “get verified” and start the verification process by uploading your personal details first before proceeding to uploading the front and back of your identity card.

Remember, you can verify your account with: Drivers Licence, international passport, voter’s card, and NIN slip.

After uploading your ID, the last stage is the facial verification stage. Follow all the instructions for a successful verification.

This is how to verify binance account in Nigeria.

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