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www.npower.gov.ng/onboard – Though it’s very easy to upload passport and ID Card to your npower profile, many are still finding it very difficult.

To that end, we have decided to make this guide to help all the npower volunteers to update their profile, upload their photo, their Identity Card and to check their Bank Account information.

Some of the complaints we got made it clear that some people mistakenly uploaded different picture instead of their id card.

This is something simple to do but when you are not familiar with the portal, you might find it difficult and hard.

Although we had no intention of providing a direct link to upload your passport photograph and ID card, we have decided to guide you all on how to get this done.

Don’t make it hectic for yourself, calm down and listen to instruction. Follow the due process and everything will look good again.

Remember that all the profile editing, passport upload and identity card upload task will be done on npvn.npower.gov.ng/onboard.

If you have uploaded yours but they are not showing on your dashboard, don’t worry. You will get it resolved after going through this.

All we need is your time and attention so that you will not repeat this complains again. We have volumes of work piled up to be attended to.

Hence, we would not like to waste more time trying to educate you on how to upload your passport, ID card or update your npower profile.

How to Upload Passport and ID Card to Npower Profile

Listen attentively and get this done once and for all.

Note, it’s only shortlisted candidates that can access npvn npower gov onboard and upload the required documents.

Not sure of your enlistment status, check here.

To upload your photo and identity, you need to pay attention to the photo quality guideline.

You can only upload passport and ID Card of JPEG JPG PNG image format.

There should not be bigger than 1mb in size and the minimum height should be 100px.

Once those requirements are meet, visit www.npower.gov.ng/onboard

Firstly, login with your username and password. If you have forgotten any of them, read how to recover them here.

Once you login, complete the upload processes and you will be able to see your passport and your identity card in your npower profile.

How to Edit Npower Profile (Bank Account Details)

http npvn npower gov ng edit profile – If there is a mistake in bank account name and number or BVN, there will be need to edit your profile.

As at now, you cannot edit your profile from your end, you need to visit npower office of your state and fill a form to get it done.

Contact npower if your issues were not attended to.

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